What people are saying about cocogo

  • "I raced as a professional cyclist for 15 yrs, most recently Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling and Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling Team. Hydration was a crucial element to optimum performance. I can honestly say, I wish Cocogo had been available when I was racing. This is the best tasting and effective hydration drink mix I've ever known. Try it – you will be amazed how great you feel!"
    —Neil Coleman, professional cyclist, Colorado
  • “I am always looking for more natural ways to fuel my activities. I get a little sick from traditional electrolyte drinks that taste too sugary and are often filled with food coloring and other additives. [On a 100-mile bike race] my legs and mind usually fatigue halfway through. But when I used cocogo I was eager to drink at regular intervals because the taste was refreshing and all natural. My legs kept pedaling at a competitive pace and the "bonk" never happened! I finished 18th overall—when I used to finish in the middle of the pack. I will be packing cocogo at all my marathons, road bike races, trail runs, and other adventures."
    —Arwen, fitness enthusiast, Utah
  • “[During a 50-mile race] I drank 2 liters of the Raspberry Passion Fruit cocogo. It worked great for me—great flavor and easy to drink, even at points when I typically feel a little queasy and not able to drink other sports drinks. I relied on cocogo as my sole source of electrolytes for over 15 miles of the race with no muscle cramps, etc. I plan to continue to use cocogo as an integral part of my Ultra running."
    —Daniel, ultra runner, Utah
  • "As a competitive cyclist, triathlete, and Bikram Yoga student, I have learned that plain coconut water is one of the best drinks to keep me hydrated naturally and keep cramping at bay. I try to stay away from regular sports drinks because they end up being more sugary and artificially flavored which really doesn't fit in with my idea of feeding my body the best stuff. Although coconut water is great, the taste isn't that great and I tend to just "bear through it" when drinking it. With cocogo, I found that the taste is delicious...and keeps me performing at even better levels than plain coconut water! I love all three flavors and the flexibility of the stick packs...which allows me to use the flavor I'm in the mood for and quantity I need for whatever particular activity I'll be participating in that day. I highly recommend cocogo!"
    —Christina, fitness enthusiast, Utah
  • "I am a dancer and I dance or exercise 20+ hours a week. When I don't feel like drinking water, I find myself craving cocogo. The stick packs are very convenient, and I like that I can decide how many stick packs I want to use. With varying activities every day, I don't always need the same amount. Cocogo has a natural taste with the benefits of coconut water. It's a wonderful way to replace my lost electrolytes without the sugary taste of Gatorade. I've also noticed that it curbs my hunger. I usually need small snacks and meals throughout the day to keep up my energy. But after I drink cocogo, I feel like I just ate a serving of fruit. I feel more full, for a longer period of time. The benefits of this drink are incomparable, and with a great taste, it can't be beat!”
    —Kristin, dancer, Utah
  • "I drank the Raspberry Passion Fruit cocogo between my cycle and running sets. The taste was awesome -- not too sweet but full of flavor. I really felt an energy boost after drinking it without feeling slugglish or cloudy. I love that it uses natural sugars and no high fructose corn syrup!"
    —Marci, Boston Marathon elite runner, Utah
  • “My 13-year-old plays several sports and when the seasons overlap, he often has multiple practices or games on the same day. As a result, he’s often complained of leg cramps—no surprise, going from two sweaty hours of soccer to another scrimmage wearing 20 pounds of hockey gear. He’s picky about his sports drinks, but really likes the Grape cocogo. Easy to refill his water bottle and mix in packets between games—plus no more complaints of leg cramps!”
    —Christy, soccer and hockey mom, Utah
  • "I drank 4 packets of Grape cocogo during my 7-mile run Saturday and felt great. I normally use 1 or 2 gels, but felt I didn't need them at all during this run with cocogo. In fact, my energy increased during the run and by the end of the run, I felt I had reached that 'runner's high' that we runners love to get, but seldom feel. Cocogo is a great product and one I plan to use in my marathon training."
    —Dave, marathon runner, Arizona
  • "I am sensitive to caffeine and have been looking for a healthy alternative for endurance nutrition. I use a hydration pack and looked forward to the refreshing taste of cocogo every time I took a walk break. Cocogo is by far the best tasting electrolyte drink I have used. I drank 16 oz of full strength before a half marathon and I felt great through the finish line. I love this drink, it's easy to use, healthy, effective, and it tastes amazing."
    —Lisa, runner, Utah
  • “I do not like the taste of most sports drinks, but this tasted great. I used it full strength and as a flavored water and like it both ways. The real test for me is that I had no leg cramps after a century bike ride. In fact I wasn’t even sore. Can’t wait to try it this ski season.”
    —Jan, cyclist, Utah
  • “I used Raspberry Passion Fruit cocogo on a 20-mile training run. I usually have to force myself to drink, but not with cocogo. Due to its great taste, I had to pace my drinking so I didn’t run out. This run was during the heat— mid 90’s and at a high elevation, yet I didn’t need any other electrolytes besides cocogo to get me through. Plus, the drink packets are convenient to carry during my ultra marathon events. I look forward to using cocogo, not only in future runs, but also in my everyday life as a nice change from drinking water all of the time.”
    —Matt, ultra runner, Utah
  • "I enjoyed the flavor and easiness of use of cocogo in comparison to other sports drinks, because I could carry the packets around with me on a long bike ride, and after drinking cocogo I was able to complete a training workout with sustained energy and more endurance. I used the product during a triathlon and think its use both during my training and during the race made a huge difference in my performance. I love the product!"
    —Alyssa, college student fitness enthusiast, Washington
  • "I have ALWAYS had a hard time drinking enough water. I really wish I could have had this product when I was pregnant in the AZ summer. I always felt dehydrated and this would have been the perfect solution. I’ve been drinking cocogo with my workouts and it’s amazing the difference it has made in keeping my energy levels up. My Dad runs marathons and has said cocogo has helped him not get muscle cramps. It really works."
    —Jamielyn, blogger iheartnaptime.net, Arizona

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