Pick your mix

How do you hydrate? Cocogo™ lets you take control. Our stick packs are sized to mix with standard water bottles as well as smaller hydration belt flasks. Use a little for light taste. Pour in more for intense fruit flavor and extreme electrolyte replacement. Pick your pack level now:

I like to hydrate with a drink that tastes like: Control taste intensity:
Flavored water Like it light? Mix 2 packs in 14-oz water for refreshing flavor.
Traditional sports drink 3 packs in 14-oz water makes cocogo sip like a sports drink.
Juice For more intense fruit flavor, mix 4 packs in 14-oz water.
My workout lasts: Replenish at your level:
Less than an hour Being dehydrated by just 2% of your body mass can reduce physical and mental performance. Quench your body’s thirst with 2 packs in 14-oz water.
1-2 hours Quickly renew the electrolytes you lose from your workout with 3 packs of cocogo in 14-oz water.
2 or more hours Endurance activities require sustained nutrients. Mix 2 packs in a 7-oz belt bottle(s) or up to 4 packs in a standard water bottle.
My typical activity level is: Determine the endurance:
Low or casual Dehydration is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue. Boost your energy with 2 packs in 14-oz water. Great for students, nursing moms, travelers…everybody!
Moderate Too much water with too few electrolytes impairs performance. Replenish with 3 packs in 14-oz water. For people who work out regularly or stay active through the day.
Intense Prevent energy crashes and muscle cramping with the Electrolyte Positive™ results from 4 packs in 14-oz water or 2 packs in a 7-oz hydration belt bottle(s). For the ultra athlete and endurance-inducing activities.
The container I use is: Custom mix for your hydration bottle:
7-oz hydration bottle(s) Light: 1 pack, Intense: 2 packs
10-oz hydration bottle Traditional: 2 packs
12-oz hydration bottle Light: 2 packs, Intense: 3 packs
Standard 500ml water bottle Light: 2 packs, Traditional: 3 packs, Intense: 4 packs
18 to 22-oz hydration bottle Light: 3 packs, Traditional: 4 packs, Intense: 5 packs
24-oz hydration bottle Light: 4 packs, Traditional: 5 packs, Intense: 6 packs

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